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Dr James Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream

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Dr. James Glutathione Skin whitening Pills

Use Dr. James Glutathione Skin whitening Pills daily for an amazing skin complexion

Skin problem is everywhere. It is one of the most pressing problems for which people visit the medical practitioners worldwide. Everyone wants to look good which is not possible if the skin tone and texture are not good. In this modern stressful life and pollution, it is really hard to maintain perfect skin tone and texture. The only remedy is rightful nourishment with the right supplements. Dr. James Glutathione is one such product that can replenish your skin improving its tone and texture. Its benefits are immense and the changes are visible. The formulators of this amazing skin whitening and nourishment capsules have used glutathione and other components in perfect quantities making it the most effective skin nourishment supplement the world has ever seen.

Main ingredients in Dr James Pills

The ingredients of Dr. James are as follows:

  • Glutathione
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Alpha T or Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Provitamin B3 and B6

All these ingredients are exceptionally effective for several types of skin issues. The presence of glutathione in high quantities along with ascorbic acid or vitamin C and alpha T acid protects the skin from pigmentation and early aging. On the other hand, the provitamins enhance the effectiveness of glutathione and keep the skin ever-youthful.

Glutathione and its effects on the skin

Glutathione is the basic ingredient in Dr. James Pills. In one capsule of Dr. James 1000mg of naturally active glutathione is present. According to the scientists, glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant available on the earth. It is again constituted of three ingredients, viz. glycine, glutamic, and cysteine. All these amino acids are essential constituents of the human body. The liver in the human body forms a small quantity of glutathione that helps in detoxifying the body. There are some food products like tomato, walnut, orange, etc. which also supplies glutathione to the human body.

Scientists have proven that if glutathione is supplied in higher quantities in the human body some wonderful changes take place. In Dr. James, they have included higher quantities of glutathione to give its users maximum possible benefits of glutathione.

Some benefits of glutathione are as follows:

  • Glutathione is found to reduce the activity of tyrosinase. It is the main reason behind the pigmentation on the skin. With the help of glutathione, the skin looks fair and gorgeous.
  • Glutathione protects collagen in the body, collagen is too important in protecting the skin from aging.
  • Glutathione sweeps out all sorts of toxic materials including hard compounds that can damage the organs and the skin.
  • Glutathione replenishes the damaged skin cells and replaces the dead cells quickly.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and its usefulness to the human body

Ascorbic acid is an authentic source of vitamin C. In Dr. James, ascorbic acid is present in abundance. It is a strong antioxidant and enhances the effectiveness of glutathione manifold. It purifies the blood, clears toxic compounds from the organs, and replenishes the damaged cells.

Alpha T acid and its benefits for the skin

Alpha T helps to remove aging symptoms quickly. It also helps to maintain body’s minimum requirement of vitamin C and vitamin E. As such, alpha T or alpha lipoic acid enhances the effectiveness of glutathione and ascorbic acid.

Benefits of taking Dr. James Pills regularly

Regular use of Dr. James provides the following benefits:

  • The skin looks fair and gorgeous with all dark patches gone.
  • All the aging symptoms vanish; wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin disappear.
  • Common skin problems like acne, pimple, and other types rashes will disappear.
  • Old scar marks that often develop from pimples and acne disappears quickly.
  • The skin is protected from UV rays that can damage the skin severely or even develop skin cancer.
  • The is protected from the pollutants.
  • The user gets high energy, both the physical and psychological abilities enhance to a great extent.
  • The brain capacity increases remarkably, memory sharpens, and cognitive ability increases.

There are many other benefits of Dr. James but the users need to take the pills on a regular basis. Doses and period of intake both are important for getting the maximum benefits from Dr. James.


The capsules should be taken as per the following doses meant for different types of skin:

  • Brown and light brown skins: 1 capsule daily up to 3 months.
  • Dark brown skin: 1 capsule daily up to 6 months but minimum 3 months.
  • Very dark brown skin: 1 capsule daily up to 12 months but at least 6 months.
  • Black skin: 1 capsule daily at least 2 years

For all, the ideal doses are 10-20mg per kg of the body weight divided into two doses daily. If the skin condition is too poor, it looks severely damages with lots of fine lines and dark patches, the user may need 2-3 capsules daily as per the above direction.


There are some restrictions as well:

  • People with cardiovascular issues should not take these capsules.
  • Women should avoid these capsules during their periods.
  • Women with pregnancy or breastfeeding should avoid these capsules

Willing users should discuss with their medical practitioners before taking these capsules if they have any physical problem for which they are under treatment right now.

Who can use Dr. James Pills?

The supplement is natural and possesses no side-effects. Hence, anyone can take the capsules as long as they want. Dr. James is extremely popular worldwide irrespective of age, sex, and lifestyle. The main purpose of the capsule is to remove all common skin problems and give the skin a fair and gorgeous look. So, it is just perfect for the following kinds of people:

  • Looking for an authentic skincare product to protect the skin from all kinds of external and internal adversities.
  • Feels bad in public due to poor skin condition and wants to get rid of this feeling.
  • Want to have an ever-youthful skin.

The added advantage of Dr. James is detoxified, energetic body with clear thinking pattern, good sleep, and high working capacity.