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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anu question related to Skin whitening Pills or if you wanted to know anything about our Product ie Dr. James Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills. You can call on the helplines no. given on the site or send queries thorugh contact us form. Your suggestions, comments and feedback are always welcome.

Most Common Questions asked by Customer.

Q. Is there any side –effects of Dr. James Glutathione pills?
Ans .No, Dr James Glutathione pills contain Glutathione and other 100% natural ingredients have anti-oxidant properties, which not only gives you natural fairness but also boost your immunity system and protects you from various diseases.

Q. How long one can expect the results from Dr. james Glutathione pills?
Ans .skin whitening is a slow and graduall process Dr james Glutathione Pills take Up to one month to three monhts to get the desired results depening upon you skin tone. within weeks you will your skin will start looking more healthy due to the effect of Glutathione.

Q. Is Dr. James Glutathion pills work for all types of skin ?
Ans Yes Dr. James Glutathion pills work for all types of skin and age group. As it contins natural ingredients so 100% risk free. However depending upon color complexion, it will take more time to get the desired results. so peoples with dark complexion need to wait more than peoples will wheatish complexion.But result Would be Guarnteed.....!.

Q. Can pregnant women and lactating women use Dr. james Glutathione pills?
Ans. pregnant women and lactating women should avoid intaking Dr. james Glutathione pills during pregnancy and breast feeding. Patients with liver malfuntion and cardiac diseases also avoid this medicine. It is always better to consult your Family doctor before using any medicine..

Q. Do one need to take Vitamin C along with Dr. james Glutathione pills?
Ans. Dr. James Glutathione pills or any other skin whitening pills works faster if it is taken along with vitamin C.Vitamin C in general helps in manufacturing Glutathione in the body as well as helps to pass through the intestines.

Q. Can the Dr. James Gutathione pills be used along with other skin whitening products?
Ans. Dr. James Gutathione pills can be used with other skin whitening products like soap, cream or injections but at the same time it is highly recommended that no other skin whitening pills or capsules should be used along with Dr. james Glutathione pills.

Q. Does Dr. James Glutathion pill works only on the face or for the whole body?
Ans. These pills not only works on your face but your whole body will be having the same color tone. These pills naturally makes your skin whiten.These Pills inhibit the production of melanin in our body which will lead to decrease of pigmentation throughout the body.

Q. Will the Skin Whitening results permanent?
Ans. No, Our body produce glutathione naturally and its a continuing process. One need to continue using skin whitening pills atleast once a day to maintain the whitening skin complexion..

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